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Moonspin.us envelope write-in guide


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This guide will show you how to receive 1 free Moon Coin ($1) at Moonspin.us by sending a request by post (AMOE).

Together, we can help keep track of when Moonspin.us updates its terms. If you have any questions or notice something that needs to be updated, please feel free to post directly in this thread.

Verified & Updated: April 16, 2024

What you need before you start:

  • An account at Moonspin.us. Ensure your account is verified and the address is updated.
  • A standard postcard or a piece of white paper (request card) of at least 4” x 6” dimensions.
  • Envelope with sufficient postage.
  • Pen Ink: Any color, but ensure handwriting is clear and legible.

What to write on the request card:


Before you write, request a unique postcard code from Moonspin.us Customer Support.

On the request card, write the following in exact sequence:

  1. Your legal name as per your government-issued identification.
  2. Your username on Moonspin.us.
  3. The residential address registered on your Moonspin.us account.
  4. The email address linked to your Moonspin.us account.
  5. The word “CODE:” followed by the unique postcard code.
  6. The statement: “I express my desire to acquire Moon Coins to partake in the promotional sweepstakes presented by Moonspin.us. By proffering this request, I hereby affirm my comprehension, acknowledgment, and adherence to Moonspin’s T&Cs.”

What to write on the envelope:


  1. On the top left of the envelope, write your return address.
  2. Below your return address, clearly write “Moon Coins Credits”.

Address for mailing your request:

  • 1200 Brickell Avenue
    Suite 1950 #1155
    Miami, FL 33131
    United States


Can I send multiple request cards in one envelope?

Yes, more than one request card is permissible per envelope.

When will I receive my Moon Coin?

Moonspin.us does not specify a timeframe for processing requests and crediting Moon Coins, but you should allow several weeks for processing.

Must the request card and envelope be handwritten?

Yes, both the request card and the envelope must be handwritten. Ensure your handwriting is clear to avoid your entry being voided.

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